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Our Andy Green is launching a new initiative bringing together for the first time all the people across the UK who do weird and wonderful creative activities using the London Underground – from artists, to Tube racers, to Tube staff heroes.
Called ‘Tube Kultura’ the initiative provides a platform for maverick creatives to share their trails and tribulations to inspire, enthral or challenge conventional thinking.
Organized by Andy, the initiative is organizing its first ‘Tube Kultura’ event at 7.30pm-9.30pm Wednesday January 15th 2014 at Toynbee Studios, Aldgate, London. It  features seven great speakers from all over the UK, including Blackpool, Leicester, Swindon and Barry Island all doing inspirational things connected with the Tube – sharing their stories, each in just seven minutes.
‘Tube Kultura’ marks an alternative celebration of the next 150 years of the London Underground. It aims to run a regular series of events, a web site forum and crowd-sourced art publications.
The speakers are:
•    Andy Green who teaches creativity using the Tube as his creative classroom
•    Shaun Buswell from Swindon who created an orchestra from strangers who met on the Underground
•    Adham Fisher from Leicester who does the Tube Challenge around the world
•    Ben Langham from London who makes music using sounds from the Underground
•    Gabrielle McDonald from London a poet who works on the Underground
•    Geoff Marshall from London who holds the world record for the Tube Challenge
•    David Nevin from London an artist who works on the Underground
•    James Wannerton from Blackpool who created a Tube map based on taste.

Plus live music from some of the best buskers on the Underground and a free prize draw of a creative thinking training tour of the London Underground courtesy of Tubespiration!.
Tickets are just £5, with booking advisable. More details at www.Tubespiration.com
The event is organised by Tubespiration! and the Flexible Thinking Forum, a not-for-profit social enterprise, both founded by Andy Green.
Andy has written six books on creativity and brand communications. His latest book ‘Tubespiration!’ shows how you can use the London Underground – or any journey – as a creative tool. He also runs Tubespiration! Tours, where he uses the Tube as his classroom.
Andy received the ‘Outstanding PR Practitioner of the Year’ award from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ for 2013/14, an award voted for by members of the Institute.
Andy Green also runs the Barry IdeasBank – believed to be the UK’s longest running community ideas resource which will be celebrating its first anniversary. It provides a home for anyone with an idea to make Barry yet better and connects with other like-minded people to build and develop the ideas.
‘Brand Kultura’ is defined as artistic, sociopolitical, pedagogical, literary – or any cultural activity around a brand generated by the Brand’s community which is often maverick, alternative or fun: hence ‘Tube Kultura’.
Commenting on the first Tube Kultura Andy said: “There are some great people doing weird and wonderful things connected with the London Underground to make you laugh or be inspired.

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